Requirements engineering for a sustainable world


Thanks to all the people that made it possible.

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Download the slides of Helio Pithon's keynote talk.

Download the slides of Jean-Pascal van Ypersele's keynote talk.

Download the slides of How to open a lock.

Download the slides of the A lock on Wikipedia.

Download the slides of the Aspect-Oriented RE mini tutorial.

Download the slides of the Design Science mini tutorial.

RE'08 Best Paper award went to: Ivan Jureta, John Mylopoulos and Stephane Faulkner for their paper "Revisiting the Core Ontology and Problem in Requirements Engineering".

RE'98 Most Influential Paper award went to: Neil A.M. Maiden and Cornelius Ncube for their paper "Acquiring COTS Software Selection Requirements".

RE'08 Best Poster award went to: David Callele, Eric Neufeld and Kevin Schneider for their poster "Balancing Security Requirements and Emotional Requirements in Video Games"


This is the home page of the series of conferences that is now called the International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE). This series started as two alternating biennial conference series. One series, in odd years starting in 1993, was the International Symposium on Requirements Engineering (RE). The other series, in even years starting in 1994, was the International Conference on Requirements Engineering (ICRE). The two series merged in 2002 with the holding of the Joint International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'02), so named to announce the merger. However, starting in 2003, the conference series's name settled to simply ``International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE)''.

Whenever a conference is sponsored by the IEEE, then ``IEEE'' is prepended to its name.

The number of a conference, coming before ``IEEE'' is counted from the beginning of the series it is deemed to be part of. Thus, there were 4 ICREs, 5 International Symposia on RE, and then the International RE Conferences start their numbering from 10, which is 1 more than 4+5!

This web site contains general information about the conference series and links to the home pages of individual conferences that have home pages.